The Business of Wildcrafting

2 More Ways to Earn Money Quick The Business of Wildcrafting

May 13th, 2016

How about do we get the befalling to access an arising industry on the arena floor? That’s right, not actual about at all. It’s even added attenuate if we accept the adventitious to access on the arena attic of a re-emerging industry that is conceivably as old as acculturation itself. I am of advance talking about the Wildcraft industry. As simple and bargain as it is to alpha your own Wildcraft business, it absolutely is one of the best means to acquire money quick that there is today.

Wildcrafting acclimated to be a actual accepted practice. Individuals would autumn items that were built-in to their breadth in adjustment to survive. Then with the addition of “trade” they began to bargain surplus banal to added groups of humans for items that were built-in to added areas.

Though all but abandoned by most, this industry is still about and flourishing. With hundreds of millions of dollars alteration easily annually. Today Wildcrafters autumn a amount of altered non-timber backwoods products.

Two of the a lot of accepted being….


Season; Oct. through the aboriginal anniversary of Dec. is about the autumn division for Christmas decorations (with tens of millions of dollars trading easily in just a few abbreviate weeks.) However, for added uses, boughs can be harvested at any time of the year except for in the bounce (shortly afterwards new advance has taken place.)

Autumn Techniques; The alone accoutrement bare to autumn beloved boughs are simple accustomed pruning tools. However, in adjustment to advance timberline advance and ability the harvester, practicing amenable agriculture procedures, should leave a acceptable allocation of the foliage intact. This convenance will assure a acceptable autumn for the Wildcrafter, as the superior of the boughs will advance afterwards the aboriginal harvest.

Background; Greenery is acclimated by both individuals and the floral industry for annual arrange and a aggregation of melancholia decorations. All conifers can be acclimated in this way. The a lot of accepted in the Northwest cover the True Fir, Cedar Pine, Mountain Hemlock, Douglas Fir, and Incense Cedar. Beloved boughs are aswell harvested in adjustment to abstract their capital oils to be acclimated in the accomplish of assorted fragrances. Boughs are alien commercially throughout the country.


Season; Moss may be harvested year-round, although it is easier to handle during the drier locations of the year.

Agriculture Techniques; Agriculture moss is artlessly a amount of affairs it from copse or limbs by hand. However already again, afterward amenable agriculture procedures is a accept to and affliction should be taken to leave some of the moss on the limbs, on the lower two anxiety of the bole, and in broadcast patches if harvested from the ground.

Background; Mosses are non-flowering plants that accommodate chlorophyll and aftermath their own sugars, but instead of accepting roots, they accept rhizoids. Moss is begin absorbed to branches or boles of trees, as able-bodied as in duff, logs, soil, and rocks in both dry, bouldered areas and close clammy forests. It is acclimated by both homeowners, and bartering nurseries akin in adjustment to absorb damp about bedding plants and in floral arrangements.

So my friend, I’m abiding you will accede that with the hundreds of bankable items growing on our accessible acreage that are broadcast throughout every accompaniment in this country, the aloft two actual accepted items are a brace of abundant means to acquire money quick. And, with the use of amenable agriculture practices, we will consistently be assured of accepting a acceptable crop.

Make Quick Easy Money With an Old and Proven Way The Business of Wildcrafting

April 16th, 2016

What all could you do if getting money was simply a matter of going up on the hill out behind your house and picking it off of a tree, pruning it off of a bush, or just picking it up off of the ground? Wouldn’t that give you a since of security just knowing that whenever the need arose, whether it was for an unexpected expense, or you just need a little extra money to buy that toy that you just couldn’t afford before, that the money will always be there just waiting for you to pick it up? Sure it would! It’s like having money in the bank. And that is why Wildcrafting, though often overlooked and forgotten, is a great way to make quick easy money.

Wildcrafting is so basic and simple that most of us take it for granted. Just think back for a moment. For a lot of us our first taste of entrepreneurialism was picking mistletoe, bundling it and wrapping it up all pretty and selling it door to door or out in front of our local supermarket in order to raise a little extra money to buy our family members gifts for Christmas. Though we did not understand it at the time, we were participating in that age old occupation of Wildcrafting, although at a very basic level.

In reality the business of Wildcrafting has almost unlimited possibilities. It is no longer limited to the kid harvesting mistletoe for holiday ornaments. Or the mysterious hooded figure prowling the back woods in the middle of the night searching out wolfs bane, man root, and eye of Newt. No, Wildcrafting is big business for those who understand the industry. With hundreds of millions of dollars changing hands annually, it truly is one of the best ways to make quick easy money that there is today.

The field of Wildcrafting is expansive and partially consists of…

1. Harvesting Floral Greens:

For the Floral (year-round) and seasonal (Christmas-Thanksgiving) markets. (This market alone accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars annually. As an example, just consider the hundreds of tons of Evergreen boughs that are bought and used every holiday season (from Oct. through Dec.) by the massive wreath making industry. And the floral industry demands hundreds of tons of filler greens all year long. Just visit any florist shop and look at the sample arrangements. Every green item you see, that is not a flower, was most likely harvested from the wild by a Wildcrafter.)

2. Harvesting Herbs: (late Spring, Summer, and early Fall)

For both culinary, medicinal, and pharmaceutical uses.

3. Harvesting Flavorwoods: (year-round)

For the liquid smoke, restaurant, and the smoked meat industries.

4. Harvesting Mushrooms: (late Summer-early Fall)

For both culinary and pharmaceutical uses.

5. Aromatics: (year-round)

For the hobby and crafts industry and commercial and industrial cleaning and air freshening manufacturers.

6. Decorative Woods: (year-round)

For the wood-turning, musical instrument manufacturing, and artificial tree and shrub manufacturing industries.

Plus hundreds of other items. The point is that no matter where you live in this country, there is something that is native to your area, that is growing on our public lands (BLM, Forest Service, etc.) that has an established commercial market. And all you have to do is learn what it is, where it is, and how to harvest and market it.

So my friend, as you can see, there is no longer any reason why any of us should be going without those things we want or need when it is so easy to just harvest the money from the public lands around us.